Holistic Handwriting

Discover the Soul Behind the Pen

Seeing auras as a young girl made Sheila Knies interested in the metaphysical world. After years of studying various forms of divination such as tarot cards, numerology, handwriting analysis, Silva Mind Control, etc., she organized psychic fairs for 16 years in the northeast. Through her company, Psychic Seminar, she offered psychic readings, lectures and classes from some of the top psychics in the U.S. including Suzane Northrop, John Edward (Crossing Over), Deanna Davino, Joyce Keller, etc. She was considered a pioneer while hosting one of the first, if not THE first metaphysical show on cable TV. She then went on to manage Body, Mind and Spirit, American Psychic Network, Psychic Discovery Network, Crystal Psychics and 1-800-Predict psychic lines. As her interest in UFOs grew, she became a member of MUFON, The UFO Paranormal Group, CERO, The ET Media Group and was appointed the Florida Director for the National Investigations Committee on UFOs. Sheila continued in that field by heading the Art Bell/Coast to Coast AM Chat Club many years to follow.  

Her other passion has been assisting people find out more about themselves through handwriting analysis. Sheila was attracted to graphology at age 10. She was fascinated by how each person's script was unique to their specific personality. After years of research on her own, she was extremely fortunate to be mentored by Connie Coleman Gilmore, who was considered one of the top graphologists in the United States. Sheila was then certified by Connie through the International Graphoanalysis Society. As Sheila's studies continued, she found out that handwriting not only showed personality traits, but, physical ailments as well. For instance, cancer can be seen in people's handwriting sometimes as early as 10 years prior to being diagnosed by a doctor. Even pregnancy can be detected by script. Your relationship to your mother, your father and the world itself is also exposed by your handwriting. Sheila's ability goes much further than a typical analyst, however. Just by seeing someone's script, Sheila has the ability to tune into a person's stream and can see if they are going down the right path or need to change. Her readings are spot on!

Sheila Knies