Holistic Handwriting

Discover the Soul Behind the Pen

Private Session

Each session includes a complete handwriting analysis of personality traits, potential physical, emotional or psychological issues and an intuitive reading on guiding you towards the best path towards healing and happiness.

- $50 for 30 minute Session -

Parties and Events

Parties include a 5 to 10 minute session per guest. I would focus on the most salient traits of each person and keep the readings on a more light and fun level.

- $150 per hour / 2 hour minimum -

For a personal analysis, it is ideal to write, "I am giving you a sample of my handwriting", and then sign your name. Please do so on an unlined blank sheet of paper. If the analysis is for someone other than yourself, and you are unable to fulfill this request, then any sample will do- however, the more script the merrier!

To Book a Session, please visit the Contact page or email HolisticHandwriting@gmail.com