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The Gift of Graphology

Intuitive Handwriting Analysis reveals much about a persons emotional, spiritual and physical being. It is said that handwriting is written from the mind, rather than the hand, thus conveying the internal world of each person. It can show personality traits, emotional and psychological dispositions and even indicate physical ailments. For instance, cancer can be seen in people's handwriting sometimes as early as 10 years prior to being diagnosed by a doctor. Even pregnancy can be detected by script. Your relationship to your mother, your father and the world itself is exposed by your handwriting. Graphology reveals what is deeply seeded within the subconscious mind, but may not be apparent to a person in their conscious reality. By shedding light on these areas, one can consciously improve and heal their overall Well Being.

I now invite you to discover more about your inner self and the Soul behind the pen.

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Seeing auras as a young girl made Sheila Knies interested in the metaphysical world. After years of studying various forms of divination such as tarot cards...